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Oliver McGowen Training

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Oliver McGowen Training

Everything you need to know about new Oliver McGowan training:

Oliver McGowan was a young man with autism who died in 2016 after being given antipsychotic medication that he had not consented to while being treated for a seizure in a hospital. In his memory, his parents have launched the Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training for all NHS staff in England.

The training is designed to help healthcare professionals understand the specific needs of people with autism and learning disabilities, and to provide them with the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively with this group of patients. The training also covers issues such as informed consent and the use of medication.

The training is mandatory for all NHS staff in England, including doctors, nurses, and support staff. It is expected that the training will improve the quality of care provided to people with autism and learning disabilities, and help to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

The training is delivered online and consists of six modules. The modules cover the following topics

  • Introduction to Autism and Learning Disabilities

  • Communication and Sensory Issues

  • Mental Capacity and Consent

  • Physical Health and Reasonable Adjustments

  • Medicines Management

  • Supporting Positive Behaviour

Each module takes around 30 minutes to complete, and staff members are required to complete all six modules within six months of starting their employment.

The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training is a significant step forward in improving the care and treatment of people with autism and learning disabilities in the UK. It is hoped that other countries will follow suit and implement similar training programs for their healthcare professionals.