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Brexit's Impact on Logistics and Material Supply in the UK's Construction Fit-Out Sector

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Brexit's Impact on Logistics and Material Supply in the UK's Construction Fit-Out Sector

Brexit has had a significant impact on the logistics and supply of materials in the UK's construction fit-out sector. The sector is responsible for providing the final touches to buildings and requires the procurement and delivery of various materials from across the world, making it susceptible to changes in global trade.

Since Brexit, the new customs and regulatory requirements have resulted in delays at ports and increased costs of goods, leading to project delays and cost overruns. To add to this, there is also a shortage of skilled labour due to the end of freedom of movement, resulting in higher labour costs and longer lead times for projects. The increased paperwork and administrative processes have added to the cost and time required to import and export goods, making it difficult for companies to operate efficiently in this post-Brexit arena.

To mitigate the impact of Brexit, the sector has had to find new ways of working, including sourcing materials from new suppliers outside the EU and adopting digital platforms to manage logistics. The UK government has announced plans to invest in infrastructure to improve connectivity and reduce transportation costs and launched a new immigration system to allow skilled workers from outside the UK to enter the country.

 Ultimately, the construction fit-out sector in the UK has been significantly influenced since our departure from the EU, resulting in delays, cost overruns, a shortage of materials and consistent supply of skilled labour. While the sector has adapted by finding new ways of working, the challenges remain.

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