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Recruitment update

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Recruitment update

The ALP has just released the March edition of their Labour Supply Update. Notable headlines amongst their findings include:

📈 New job adverts have hit a 14-month high as businesses still need to recruit.
🔎 Highest level of recruitment difficulties on record; 61% of companies were looking to find staff, and 8 out of 10 reported recruitment difficulties.
📉 UK employment rate remains 1% lower than pre-pandemic.
👷🏼 The end of free movement is continuing to contribute to labour shortages in less-skilled sectors of the UK economy and the new immigration system is not liberal enough to compensate. The sectors with the largest shortfalls of EU-origin workers are:-

Transportation and storage - 8%
Wholesale and retail - 3%
Accommodation and food - 4%
Manufacturing - 2%
Construction - 2%
Administration and support - 2%