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Who doesn't love Stockport?

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Who doesn't love Stockport?

​Who doesn’t LOVE Stockport

As far as a recruitment post goes, this one is a bit left field BUT hear me out! Stockport is great. Better than great. Its AMAZING. Plus, it’s getting even better. More working opportunities, more transport links, new modern buildings which work hand in hand with the old-world charm.

Let me tell you why its brilliant. Currently undergoing a remarkable transformation that promises to reshape its landscape and reinvigorate and already improving economy. With its rich history, stunning architecture, and proximity to the city centre, Stockport is now in poll position as THE thriving suburb in Greater Manchester for residents, tourists, and businesses alike.

Firstly, lets talk about what's already there. St Petersgate, leading into the square. You have some of the best bars and pubs in the northwest surrounding the Market Hall which is on the site of the old Anglo-Saxon marketplace which dates back to 1260. The Underbank leads you through generations of architecture, home to independent coffee shops, chip shops, bars, and of course famous Stage Door fancy dress/joke shop.

Second: The Stockport Exchange is one of the most significant redevelopment projects in Greater Manchester. The vibrant business district aims to attract commercial interest to add to the already bustling blue chip companies in the area. The current project includes Grade A office space, a modern transport interchange, stylish hotels, and beautiful public spaces.

Third and by no means finally, the regeneration of the town centre and the creation of new, state of the art office buildings will allow people in the Northwest to have another destination outside of Manchester City centre to easily commute too by either public transport of through affordable parking. This will open up new job opportunities for not only the people of Stockport and the surrounding areas but also people from all over the Northwest of England to come and work in a beautiful town which perfectly balances the old and the innovative, contemporary allure.

Maybe, working in such a spot will be a reason to get back into the office, rather than working from home?